Creating language packs for Capivara

Creating language packs in Unicode is a time consuming job. Fortunately, there are tools which make it pretty easy. If you are familiar with Eclipse then install the Eclipse Property File Editor ( Otherwise, I recommend to edit language packs with Popeye (

Edit language packs with Popeye

Steps to create a new locale pack:

  1. Install the source code of Capivara
  2. Install popeye
  3. Start popeye
    java -jar PATH_TO_POPEYE/langproper.jar
    and load file
  4. Create a new property file with the correct locale name. The name of your locale (e.g. fr_FR) can be found for example on You then need to create an empty file in directory src/net/sf/jfilesync/prop/bundles. For French, you would create a file called
  5. Then you just need to translated each key and save it. Take special care of placeholders like %l or %d. These have to be kept in the translation.
  6. You can now test your own translation by copying the new file to .jfilesync/locales in your HOME directory. After starting Capivara, you can now select the new language. (Restarting is required.)

It is supposed to look similar to this


Latest version:
0.8.11 (win64)
0.8.11 (Mac OS X)

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